Unique Pair of Opal Swans - Reiki Master infused

             One Free Remote Distant Healing with these Swans


Perfect together are these Opal Swans.  The detail is lovely with beautiful feather markings at the rear, as seen in the image.  One swan has marbled colouration with warmer shades and the other fairly fluid.  Both Infused with Reiki Master Healing at the highest level.


Place where directed below and take in 3 deep breathes.  Center your mind and feel the Reiki release its healing energy.


Presented in a lovely box.



Opal has fine vibrations,  `it enhances positive self-worth and understanding our full potential.  It brings lightness and spontaneity.  Opal is associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism.  It is a seductive stone and it releases inhibitions.


Opal connects to the emotional mind from the past and it realises and balances it to the here and now.  It creates spontaneity.



Opal is reknowned to treat infections and fever and strengthen the memory.  It purifies the blood and kidneys aiding renal issues.  Opal eases childbirth and it regulates insulin.  It is recommended to use with PMS and the menopause. It is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It is best placed between the heart and the navel or wearing a long necklace/lanyard.


Unique Pair of Opal Swans - Reiki Master infused

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  • Each swan measures 4.5cm in length.