About Me

A Master Healer, with 14 years of Reiki experience

From childhood I have had a psychic awareness, along with many experiences I explored my spiritual path through Reiki.  I believe that Reiki comes in to our lives because it is meant to be. And it is noticed to those who's higher-self is connected to this spiritual belief.


In my first weeks becoming a healer, I started to feel the energy as it flowed through me. Even from reading articles on Reiki, this energy would flow and show me its presence. It is the most profound feeling and I was astonished at how it started to positively change things around me. This changed my life.   I have always known I had this incredible connection and I am blessed to have Reiki find me.

      "I am alive with the spiritual energy and its vibrant light in this new reality. I am full of optimism and excitement about my everyday activities, happily and with purpose. Reiki is a liberating spiritual practice that I connected to my true self. With this new found energy, it has enabled me to see the direction I should be heading with confidence and clarity. "



Ellie Reay

Reiki Master