Reiki Radiance

Westfield, East Sussex, UK

"A 17th Century Residence welcomes you, alongside its Ancient Woodland."


The Healing Experience

Reiki Radiance is set in a beautiful 17th century cottage, set amongst 7 acres and alongside its ancient woodland.  The Reiki Radiance therapy room is within the Orangery and the tranquil ambience welcomes you.   The room is delightful and radiates calmness, with views across the grounds and countryside. An abundance of wildlife can be seen here. 



With your wellbeing and inner calm foremost, Master Reiki Practitioner Ellie will take every care to ensure your experience is positive, relaxing and rewarding. With over 12 years Reiki experience, Ellie has helped numerous clients manage and overcome a range of conditions, from anxieties to chronic illness.

Reiki Radiance offers a number of Healing services as listed below. Please take your time to peruse and Ellie will be delighted to help where required. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and Reiki Radiance warmly looks forward to seeing you soon.


Reiki Healing

Services include:

Reiki Healing

Distant Reiki Healing

Personally tailored treatments for your mind, body and soul.


"...I finally felt relaxed and whole again..."


Reiki Attunement

Courses include:

Level 1 Attunement

Level 2 Attunement

Level 3 / Master Attunement


From student to Master.

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"...Ellie's skill is extraordinary, her gift a blessing..."


Other Reiki Services

Other Services include:

Angel Card Readings

Online Shop

Reiki infused by Master Practitioner Ellie.


"...I can highly recommend Ellie, she is an absolute star! ..."

  " I was very surprised that I could feel the areas that Ellie was working on." 


      "After the treatment I felt relaxed and slept well for the first time in weeks."


"I can highly recommend Ellie, she is an absolute star. "

- Vicky, UK

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Westfield, East Sussex

Tel: 07703 581 025

01424 754425


Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) Code

MEDICAL CONDITIONS: From 1st March 2011 all marketing communications (including websites) are now regulated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). This means that we can only say what we might be able to help with, in relation to a medical condition. In such cases, you must see your GP or Consultant prior to booking your treatment.  Please feel free to e-mail or telephone me with any associated questions you might have.