Reiki Healing

Balance Your Chi

Reiki Radiance is located within a beautiful 17th century cottage, set within 7 acres, alongside its ancient woodland. The setting is delightful and pure calmness, with views across the grounds and countryside. An abundance of wildlife can be seen here. 


The healing therapy starts after a short consultation. An hour slot is reserved for your session.


Each treatment is tailored for you.  The Reiki Radiance therapy room is set within the Orangery and the tranquil setting welcomes you. The session begins with a consultation, explaining the treatment and what to expect.  Any questions you have, please feel free to express.   Reiki is provided whilst either relaxing on the therapy bed or sitting on the slipper chair.  It is your preference.  Reiki treatment is given whilst you are clothed, you will be asked to remove your shoes and glasses only.


Expect to doze at some point, as Reiki is highly therapeutic and meditative. After the healing ends I will go through your experience.  People have reported seeing colours and shapes whilst their eyes are closed, and feelings of positivity and wellness.  Expect to receive a wonderful deep sleep the night ahead.


Whilst relaxing in the Orangery please take a look at the Reiki infused crystals from the online shop, displayed here.