Sterling Silver Aquamarine Crystal Heart drop Earrings - Reiki Master Infused

         One Free Remote Distant Healing with these Earrings


Beautiful Aquamarine heart shaped gemstone, all sterling silver and infused with Reiki Master Healing.  This intensifys the healing properties.  Excellent wearing either side the Crown Chakra.


Hold earrings and take in 3 deep breaths, center your mind and feel the healing energy release.



Aquamarine creates calmness and quiet state of mind.  In sensitive minds, Aquamarine will encourage tolerance of others.  It supports responsibility for oneself.  It creates a personality that is confident and dynamic and can defeat old self-defeating beliefs in one.


Aquamarine sharpens the intellect and is great for education and learning.  It has the ability of concluding dilemmas and reaching decisions.


Spiritually, Aquamarine opens intuition and clairvoyance. It is a great stone to use for meditation and Yoga. It evokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness.



Aquamarine is renowned to aid healing in sore throats, swollen glands and all thyroid problems. It harmonises the pituitary gland, balancing hormones and growth. Aquamarine aids cleansing the organs, eyes, jaw and teeth.  It is useful counteracting short or long sightedness and calms over interactions with auto-immune diseases, such as hayfever symptoms.  It relieves pain.

Sterling Silver Aquamarine Crystal Heart drop Earrings - Reiki Master Infused

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  • The earrings measure 38mm, from the top of the hook to the base of the heart.


    Metal: Sterling Silver 


    Supplied in an organza pouch


    Reiki Master infused.