9ct Solid Gold Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace - Reiki Master Infused

      One Free Remote Distant Healing worth £21 with this Necklace.  


Stunning Large Smoky Quartz pendant with faceted edges and smooth face.  Set in a deep 9ct solid gold pendant and complimented with a 9ct solid gold fine rope chain and infused with my Master Reiki Healing.  This intensifies the healing properties.


Wearing Smoky Quartz over the heart and throat area  is great for balancing the 7 chakras.


The Smoky Quartz is infused with Reiki Master Healing at the highest level.  When held,  close your eyes taking in 3 deep breathes, the Reiki Energy will flow.


Presented in a beautiful gift box.


Smoky Quartz:


Smoky Quartz is most efficient at grounding and anchoring oneself. Grounding negative vibrations and a superb antidote for stress.  It aids in difficult times, with equanimity and finding resolve. It relieves fear and lifts depression and parting clouds on a stormy day. It brings emotional calmness. 


This crystal alleviates nightmares and can dissolve negative emotions.  It promotes positive thoughts and dissolves contradictions. It promotes concentration.


Spiritually, Smoky Quartz aids clearing the mind for meditation.  It too raises vibrations during meditation.




It is reknowned that Smoky Quartz is naturally radiated, therefore, radiation-related illness and chemotherapy will benefit its healing qualities.  It is particularly effective for ailments of the abdomen, hips and legs.  It relieves pain, cramp and also back pain. It benefits the heart, muscular and nerve tissues.

9ct Solid Gold Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace - Reiki Master Infused

  • Pendant measures:


    Chain Length: 16 inches


    9ct Gold Hallmarked


    Supplied in presentation hinged box.


    Reiki Master infused to the highest energies.